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Offset Disc Harrow (Mounted Type)

The Kanhaiyalal Ramratan Offset Disc Harrow is a mounted hydraulically operated implements suitable for attachments to tractors having either category 1 or 2 linkage. It is designed for work in Orchards. Groves and Vineyards, in addition to regular field disking. Its rigid construction and depth of penetration adapts heavy disking in tough soils, whilst unit attachment to the tractor, with working depth controlled hydraulically, ensures easy disking in small areas and corners. It has 14 Discs of 20" 22" or 24"dia in two gangs, front 7 Discs are scalloped and rear 7 Discs are plain. The front gang may be moved right or left, to a maximum of two feet in relation to the front gang, thus giving maximum offset of four feet. There are three positions for erank attachment on the rear member of the front gang. Positioning depends on amounts and direction of offset required.

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